Jensen Moore-Copple, assistant professor in LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication discusses the increasing role social media plays in matters like criminal investigations, disaster responses, breaking news stories and more.

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Phillip Maciak, LSU Assistant Professor of Film Studies talks #CringeHumor with “Word of Mouth" host Virginia Prescott. Maciak also writes the “Dear Television” column for the Los Angeles Review of Books. You can follow him on his blog at

Tiger Hearts Born from Boston Bombing

LSU Student Derek Carter and Professor Ray Castle reflect on the events of the Boston Bombing and the positive outcomes that have help to create Tiger Hearts.

Sean Lane is an associate professor of psychology at Louisiana State University where his research seeks to understand how memory and cognitive processes are deployed in complex real-world events.

The study, conducted by Megan Papesh of Louisiana State University and Stephen Goldinger of Arizona State University, was published in the journal Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics in February.

Because society relies on face perception and ID verification for many tasks, people are often under the impression that we are experts in this domain. Our research shows the precise opposite.
—Megan Papesh. LSU Assistant Professor of Psychology

LSU research shows face matching for passports and IDs incredibly fallible

"Getting research as an undergraduate is one of the big benefits that LSU offered. And, it’s let me develop my critical thinking; it’s helped me become a better communicator."

—Corey Landry, Biological Engineering

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"What I’m researching right now is how welfare & infant mortality interact." —Jackson Voss, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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